Sprint Programme


The Sprint Programme is a fantastic opportunity for women undergraduates, from all backgrounds, ages and stages in their lives and study, regardless of their subject, department or career aspirations, to take hold of their personal development and achieve their ambitions.

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  • City students who attended Winter programme in 2014
How to get involved 

Please note that we are accepting applications from both Undergraduate and Postgraduate female students as well as recent female graduates.

To apply for a place:

  1. Tell us why you, as a female student, deserve a place on the Sprint London Programme via the online application form below.
  2. Send a recent copy of your cv to careersevents@city.ac.uk. In the subject heading, make sure you write "Following my application to the Sprint London Programme"
Important dates
Benefits to getting involved 

Across 4 action packed days, the programme covers a range of key development topics, with the aim help you to:

  • use your personal power and influence
  • identify your values, attitudes and direction
  • manage your time effectively
  • learn how to use assertiveness positively
  • build your image, networking skills and confidence
  • engage with inspiring role models and industry professionals
  • work with a mentor (provided by sponsoring companies) to continue you achieve your goal.
When does it take place? 

Twice during the academic year. A summer programme is held at City with participants from City and UCL. A winter programme is held at UCL with participants from UCL and City.

Where does it take place? 

At City University London or UCL

Who can apply? 

All current female students.