Cass Undergraduate Student Exchange Programmes


Cass Student Exchange Programmes

Take advantage of the option to spend a year or term studying abroad at one of our prestigious partner universities. This will provide you with an invaluable international perspective that will enhance your prospects with future employers.

How to get involved 

Contact the Cass Student Exchange Office (E321, 3rd floor Drysdale) or by email:

Applications are open to 1st and 2nd year Cass students.

Student Exchange Briefing and Fair, Wednesday 20th November, 1:30pm in Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre

The Student Exchange Briefing and Fair is a great opportunity for you to get detailed information about the different exchange programmes on offer, meet students who studied abroad last year and pick up brochures on all our partner universities.


Student Exchange Programmes available

Replacement Term Abroad (available to all Cass degrees except BSc Accounting & Finance and BSc Actuarial Science students)

Spend the first term of your second year studying abroad in English at one of our partner universities. You will take one term of equivalent modules at the partner university and return to Cass in the 2nd term to complete your second year. You will complete your degree in three years.

Sandwich Year (available to all degrees)

Spend an additional year studying abroad. The sandwich year option extends your degree to four years and offers a great deal of flexibility. You can study abroad for the full year or combine one term of study overseas with a period of self-organised work experience for the other term. Some students even study at two different partner universities over the course of their sandwich year.


Important dates
Benefits to getting involved 
  • Experience another country’s culture
  • Enhance your education with an additional international dimension and global outlook
  • Expand your knowledge of other languages
  • Demonstrate to employers that you are an adaptable, flexible and independent individual by living and studying in another country
  • Make new friends and business contacts
  • A rewarding and enriching personal experience.
When does it take place? 

Replacement Term Abroad – this takes place in the 1st term of your 2nd year of study. If you choose this option you can still complete your degree in 3 years.

Sandwich – this takes place between your 2nd and 3rd year of study. This option adds a year to your degree.


Application Deadline: Friday 10th January

Where does it take place? 

We have around 35 highly-ranked partner universities around the world in the US, Canada, Australia, Asia, South America and Europe.

Who can apply? 

Applications are open to 1st and 2nd year Cass students.

The application for the replacement term abroad will be during the January of your first year at Cass. If you wish to take the sandwich year abroad, you can apply during the January of your second year.

After completing the application form all applicants will be invited for an informal interview with the Student Exchange Office to ensure that you have thought carefully about why you wish to study abroad.  During this time you can discuss programme structure and demands.

When allocating places Cass will look at:

  • your academic record to date
  • your ability to adapt to a different culture and educational environment
  • whether you have carried out research on your preferred destination

To receive an offer for the replacement term abroad, you must achieve a mark no lower than 50% in each of your January examinations and also pass all Year 1 examinations and coursework at the Assessment Board in July. To receive an offer for the sandwich year, you should ideally pass assessments at first attempt. However Cass may consider sandwich year students who have failed up to 30 credits on an individual basis.

More information 

For more information on the programmes available and on where you can study abroad, please see here:

You can check out our blog here:

You can also email the Cass Student Exchange Team on: