Cultural & International Societies - City Students' Union


City is a diverse university, with students from all over the world. There are many opportunities to meet with people from similar and different cultures to your own. 

Currently active cultural and international societies include African Caribbean, Bengali, Chinese, Indonesian, Hellenic-Cypriot, Kenyan, Mauritian, Somali and many more...

  • Bengali Society
  • City Students' Union
  • Kenyan Society
How to get involved 

View information about individual Cultural & International Societies on the City Students' Union society webpages. 

Important dates
Benefits to getting involved 

Learn more about people from similar backgrounds and people from completely different backgrounds. Whether you are looking to find like-minded people or develop employable skills, there is something for everyone.

Being involded in societies is much more than following a hobby or interest. Being on the organising committee of a CULSU society is open to all society members, and society Presidents, Finance Officers, and Communications Officers usually have a very special experience at university, meeting lots of people and learning all sorts of skills.

When does it take place? 

Different societies meet at different times, check the Society webpages for more information.

Where does it take place? 

Different societies meet in different locations, check the Society webpages for more information.

Who can apply? 

Cultural and International Societies are open to all students.