Green Dragons


Green Dragons is an exciting project that supports City students and staff to bring their sustainability idea with an impact on the University and/or the local community to life! We have environmental and communication experts, project funds, rooms, contacts, everything you need to turn your idea into a reality! You pitch your idea, collect your pledges and complete your tasks ( and the funding is yours! The highest scoring team or individual will receive £250 (1st and 2nd runners up will receive £150 and £100 respectively). To make the process fair all teams will be audited to verify the points earned.

  • Popping wheelies!
  • Dragons in the Library
  • Green Dragons Introductory video
  • Get inspired with some sustainability ideas
  • Happy dragons
  • Green Dragon with Emily Thornberry MP
How to get involved 

Contact us or go to our website with the links below

Important dates
Benefits to getting involved 
  • Develop skills in project management, leadership, communication, time management whilst gaining knowledge and insight into the sustainability sector
  • Increase your employability 
  • Network with like-minded individuals and make new connections within and beyond City
  • Make a positive, long-lasting impact on City and the local community
  • Get the opportunity to develop your own (social) enterprise
  • Have fun
  • Earn Awards (& potentially some money too!)
When does it take place? 

September to April. Our Awards Ceremony is 8th June 2015.

Where does it take place? 

On and off campus

Who can apply? 

Green Dragons is for all students, professional staff members and academics who want to have a positive impact on the university and the local community.

More information 


Maria Xypaki, City Green Challenge Coordinator



+44 (0) 20 7040 5602