Micro-Placements Programme


The Micro-Placements Programme provides you with the opportunity to take on exciting short-term, convenient, career-exploration projects at an employer’s office for up to 5 weeks. This will allow you to develop your CV, gain real life work experience and enhance your core employability skills.

How to get involved 

Complete an 'Expression of Interest' form during the application window (details below)

Important dates
Benefits to getting involved 
• Stand out from the crowd
• Be part of the competitive process where you will receive exclusive training and constructive feedback
• Gain a concise insight into a particular sector and organisation
• Increase your employability prospects
• Enhance and develop your commercial awareness
• Develop your confidence and resilience
• Build a network of industry contacts
• Project manage at an early stage whilst benefiting a company and be at the forefront of a business
• Get a supervisor and mentor during your Micro-Placement
• Do it over the summer so it is convenient to you
When does it take place? 

Micro-Placements are between 2-5 weeks long and take place during the summer, between June and August 2018.  You can also choose to do a full-time or part-time Micro-Placement so it works to your schedule.

This is an ideal time to gain work-experience as it will not interfere with your studies and is short commitment

Where does it take place? 

Micro-Placements take place across London

Who can apply? 

First Year


BSc Psychology

BSc Sociology

BSc Accounting & Finance

BSc Actuarial Science

BSc Mathematics

Second Year


BSc Psychology

BSc Sociology

BSc Accounting & Finance

BSc International Politics

BSc International Political Economy

BSc Politics

More information 


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