Programme Representatives


Programme Representativess are at the heart of the Students’ Union. Programme Representatives are the first line of contact for the University and the SU in gaining honest and relevant feedback – both good and bad – from students on their academic experience. By talking to fellow students and speaking to staff both through committees and informally, you help improve the Student Experience. Being a Rep allows you to network, get recognition of your work with awards and it’s a great way to meet other students in your school, with lots of Programme Rep events and meet ups.

How to get involved 

During the first few weeks of Term 1, one of your lecturers will tell you about the opportunity to be a Rep and how to put yourself forward. The Students’ Union will email you and stick posters and leaflets around the University to catch your eye. Any student can put themselves forward so please don’t be shy!

You might be asked to write up a few sentences about why you want to be a Rep or even get the opportunity to speak at the front of your lecture. Your fellow students will then elect you if they feel you will represent them best!


Important dates
Benefits to getting involved 
  • Demonstrate how you've taken on additional responsibilities, managed your time and you are motivated to improve situations in a positive way
  • Network with fellow students and staff
  • Meet people who aren't on your course!
  • Receive a Programme Rep award
  • Plenty of guidance and support is offered through the Students' Union, including training that takes place through the year.
When does it take place? 

Raising issues or praise can be through formal meetings with other Reps, Course Officers, Programme Directors or also via email!

You will attend Student-Staff Liaison Committees and Student Experience Committees once a term.

There will be lots of fun events throughout the year you can attend such as meet ups, the Programme Rep conference and Students' Union events.

Where does it take place? 

On campus

Who can apply? 

Any student can get involved. 


More information 


 Vice President for Education


 +44 (0)20 7040 5614