SU Welcome Reps


City Students’ Union has a volunteering opportunity open to current City students, to become part of the Welcome Reps team for Welcome Week September 2018.

Welcome Reps meet and greet new students, acting as a helpful contact while running events, promoting the Union, and engaging with activities on campus.

All Welcome Reps will also receive:

FREE entry to all events you volunteer at

FREE totum card

FREE £5 Amazon Voucher

10% Discount on your Welcome Wristband

How to get involved 

Apply online, or email us if you have questions. 

Important dates
Benefits to getting involved 
  • It’s great fun, an opportunity to enjoy Welcome Week again, and you’ll meet new people and be part of the most awesome student team on campus
  • You’ll gain experience in events management and marketing
  • You can help to build new communities at City, and be at the centre of them.
  • We think you’ll look great in your brand new Welcome Rep T-shirt!
  • We’ll give you a Students’ Union Colours certificate at the end of the year to say thanks, and you’ll have opportunity to enrol in City Students’ Union’s Leadership Skills Award for 2018-19, so you can use your time running Freshers events to gain an award and add experience to your CV.


When does it take place? 

Mid-late September

Where does it take place? 

All campuses and halls of residences

Who can apply? 

Any student who is returning to study at City, University of London in the 2018/19 year.