Unitemps is City, University of London’s onsite temporary Recruitment Service. We offer roles at all levels, helping students, graduates and external candidates find temporary, part-time and paid internship roles both onsite at the University and externally with businesses in and around central London.

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  • Unitemps of the Year Awards 2019
  • Award Winner: Unitemp of the Year. Birsem Tilki
  • Award Winner: Hiring Manager. Marilyn Parris-Bell
  • Award Winner: Full Time Temp. Selin Keskin
  • Award Winner: Student Ambassador. Sophie Carmichael
  • Unitemps Awards - Winners and Runners Up
How to get involved 

· Go to www.unitemps.com and select 'City' as the branch you would like to search for job.

· Click 'Register with Unitemps' to create your online record and upload your CV. Make sure you select City as your branch in order to receive email notifications of all job opportunities we offer

· If you're interested in a job and meet all the requirements, please attach a cover letter and your CV

· Our Unitemps team will contact you if you have been selected for an interview. You can track the progress of your application in your Unitemps account.

Important dates
Benefits to getting involved 
  • We provide, part time, full time temporary roles
  •  Candidates can choose the hours they would like to work by only signing up to roles that fit around their studies
  • Gain transferable skills and experience and leave university with fully rounded CV and Cover letter
  • CV and cover letter advice
  • Candidates will have the opportunity to network with fellow students and staff on campus and in external workplaces
  • Understanding of how the workplace works


Key figures from Academic Year 2018/19

  • City students and graduates earned over £943,423 working through Unitemps
  • We filled over 5149 job assignments. Over 80% of these roles we filled by City students and graduates.
  • We turned over nearly £2.5 million in revenue.
  • Over 3,366 new candidates signed up to Unitemps, City Branch
  • Around 1221 students worked Unitemps at least once in the academic year
When does it take place? 

New assignments with varying lengths are added on a daily basis throughout the year


Unitemps 2020 Payroll Dates and Deadlines



Candidates Timesheet Submittal Deadline

Pay Day

January 2020

Sunday 12 January

Fri 31 January

February 2020

Sunday 9 February

Fri 28 February

March 2020

Sunday 15 March

Tue 31 March

April 2020

Sunday 12 April

Thu 30 April

May 2020

Sunday 10 May

Fri 29 May

June 2020

Sunday 14 June

Tue 30 June

July 2020

Sunday 12 July

Fri 31 July

August 2020

Sunday 9 August

Fri 28 August

September 2020

Sunday 13 September

Wed 30 September

October 2020

Sunday 11 October

Fri 30 October

November 2020

Sunday 15 November

Mon 30 November

December 2020

Sunday 29 November

Fri 18 December

Where does it take place? 

Both on and off campus

Who can apply? 

All students and graduates authorised to work in the UK can register with Unitemps.  This is a competitive scheme and will require an interview. If your application is successful you will need to complete an Eligibility to work check before you start your first assignment.

More information 


Unitemps | Careers, Student Development and Outreach

Level 1, Drysdale Building




+44 (0) 20 7040 8026