Volunteer to help benefit the local community through a variety of one-off, weekly or monthly projects. We run one-offs to give you the opportunity to try out volunteering without having to make a regular commitment; it’s a great way to try it out. They are usually a few hours long and run in a morning, afternoon or evening.

Our regular opportunities are all with local or national charities and community groups. There is a huge range of types of voluntary work with over 100 different opportunities available.

If you are really keen, we can help you set up your own volunteering project in the wider community.

  • Highlights from one-offs in October 2014
  • Chatting with Betty at a lunch club
  • The Secret Santa project
  • Student Volunteering Week 2014
  • After painting a new space for Makerversity
  • Running to Camley Street Natural Park with GoodGym
  • Volunteers lead a Fairtrade workshop at St. Luke's Primary
  • Cultural Awareness Day 2014
  • Yr 5 learn about civil engineering with Steps to Success
  • Celebrating New Year at the Chinese Spring Festival
  • Cultural Awareness Day 2014
How to get involved 

Register at http://volunteering.city.ac.uk to find volunteering opportunities which fit your schedule.

Important dates
Benefits to getting involved 
  • Huge potential to develop a wide range of skills
  • Gain contacts and relevant experience
  • Expand your social network by meeting people outside of university
  • Help others and feel good about yourself
When does it take place? 

All year round. Commitments range from five-minute volunteering opportunities and one-offs to volunteering regularly with charities and running your own projects.

Where does it take place? 

Off campus – Across Islington and the rest of London. There are remote opportunities available too, which you can do from home.

Who can apply? 


More information 

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