Widening Participation Tutoring Scheme


Get paid to tutor young people in the local area? You do the Maths!

Tutors work with pupils as young as Year 5 through to Year 13 (9-18 years old) in either Maths or English at primary and GCSE and A-level. They travel to schools in Islington and our local boroughs or deliver tutoring sessions online on a weekly basis from November through to May, with the option of continuing through to July. The minimum amount of tutoring per week is 1 hour, with no maximum as Tutors choose which placements they commit to, and how many. The majority of current Tutors work in more than one school per week. 

If you would like to develop yourself through tutoring young people from under-represented backgrounds and get paid for it, please apply via the link below.

  • Tutoring can be a stretch
  • Tutoring is fun!
  • Tutors work in groups - learning to facilitate
  • The people you tutor improve their understanding of new concepts
  • Tutor, COLAI
  • Widening Participation tutor in action
  • Tutor at City of London Academy Islington
How to get involved 

Apply online, or email us if you have questions. We’re always happy to hear from students interested in tutoring and will do our best to answer any questions you may have. 

Important dates
Benefits to getting involved 
  • As a tutor you will earn £11.88 per hour + holiday pay. You are also able to claim for any preparation time.
  • Tutors receive training throughout the year by WP staff, equipping you with the skills you need to work effectively with young people, including behaviour management, small group facilitation and lesson planning.
  • Tutors work with the same pupils each week and therefore have the satisfaction of seeing pupils flourish in subjects they were struggling in, or even hated before. You will maintain a weekly placement with the same school from October - May forming meaningful relationships with your tutee(s).
  • Tutoring develops many transferable skills such as: communication, initiative, adaptability, leadership, time management and commitment (all of which are attractive to employers).
  • Enhance your employability and share your passion with young people most in need of your support.
When does it take place? 

Under normal circumstances, weekly from October until April / May. Optional tutoring in June, July and holidays is available. 

Where does it take place? 

All tutoring takes place at the school you are placed at. All schools are in London, with the majority in Islington, Hackney and Haringey. 

Who can apply? 

To become a WP tutor you must: 
•    Be available on most Wednesday afternoons from 1pm, from October through to April
•    Have achieved at least a B in GCSE or equivalent in Maths or English (depending on which subject you wish to tutor)
•    Be committed, reliable and have excellent time-keeping skills
•    If successful, you will be required to complete a DBS check

This is a competitive scheme, in which we are looking to recruit 60-80 tutors. In addition to the above, you must:
•    Complete the online application form
•    Be successful in an individual interview
•    Be prepared to register with Unitemps, and are thus required to be eligible to work in this country.


More information 

Contact number

 020 7040 3197

You may also be interested in being a Widening Participation Ambassador! Find out more here