How to gain the Award

The City Employability Award takes you through a process where you are encouraged to unpack your experiences at City and articulate them to our assessors in the same way that you would for a job application, or as part of your CV. You are also recognised for attending relevant and interesting Careers-based events and networking opportunities. 

NB: The City Award is part of your profile on CareersHub, to complete it you will first need to sign in to CareersHub

Completing the City Employability Award is based on a simple process with three steps: Learn, Do and Reflect. The key focus is on demonstrating the extent to which you have developed a set of ten core competencies which employers are looking for.


We will show you a helpful reflective technique to help you structure your response to competency based questions. You will also become familiar with Experience City – to help you identify new activities you can get involved with.


Get involved in a range of activities alongside studying towards your degree and record evidence that you have developed the ten core competencies through doing them.

We include a minimum requirement of attending at least one Careers workshop as part of this.


Write up the three competencies that you have developed to the highest level using the reflective technique we introduced you to at the start of the process. 







  • Develop five competencies to 'Explore' Level

Explore - you are able to clearly articulate what a certain competency means and have attended an event which has enabled you to learn more about how that skill will be relevant to you. 

  • Attend one eligible Careers workshop
  • Develop five competencies at the intermediate 'Experience' level (these can be activities that you have previously developed to 'Explore' level).

Experience - you are able to demonstrate active participation in an activity which has enabled you to develop that competency.

  • Attend at least two eligible Careers workshops


  • Develop two competencies to the 'Expertise' level.  In addition, you will need at least three competencies at the intermediate ‘Experience’ level. 

Expertise - you can demonstrate sustained, regular commitment and active participation in an activity, or you have created a new initiative that didn’t previously exist. You might also have taken on a leadership role in an activity.

  • Attend a minimum of three eligible Careers workshops




Complete the City Employability Award