Plan your career

CityCareers advocates a four-step model towards planning your career:
1.    Know yourself
2.    Decision making
3.    Opportunities
4.    Move Forward
To work through each of these steps, please see the pages on planning your career.

Through participating in challenging and unfamiliar activities, you stretch yourself and start to develop an appreciation for what you are good at and what you enjoy (and what you’re not so good at, and what you hate to do). As you start to build this picture, you can relate these to possible career options available to you, to try and ensure that you are spending the bulk of your time in a career that fulfils you - Know Yourself

Understanding what career options are available to you is likely to entail a combination of research (lots of resources to help you with this) and trying activities out for size. Why not look at some of the opportunities to meet employers, find paid work and gain business experience? Decision Making

There are many aspects to demonstrating how employable you are, and it’s important not to forget all of the employability skills that you can develop through various other routes – like setting up and managing your own projects, or turning a former weakness into a strength (something that many have to learn around public speaking). So many of these skills and attributes are best developed through experience - Opportunities

Each time that you participate in an activity, it changes you. Even if it doesn’t come naturally to you, take time to reflect on how this activity could be useful for you. You never know what questions might come up in a job interview, but having a wide-range of experiences to draw on from your time at University leaves you much more likely to have an interesting example and stick in the interviewers’ mind - Move Forward