"I enjoyed encouraging younger students."

Being part of the scheme, has enabled me to meet and encourage younger students and to talk to them about their ideas and aspirations for the future. I have also enjoyed meeting other ambassadors from other courses and being part of many successful events.

Anna Summersall, Postgraduate Diploma / MSc in Speech and Language Therapy, Final year

Anna worked as a Widening Participation Ambassador, a role that gives you lots of different experiences working with young people from backgrounds where people may not traditionally go on to university. As a Widening Participation Ambassador you can end up working with people as young as 10 or 11. Here Anna tells us about one of the most memorable times:

"I was working with a group of primary school pupils on an upcycling event to create their own model out of a collection of reused materials. I think that the team worked together really well and I supported them by encouraging them to share their ideas with the group and by clarifying roles so that everyone knew which part of the project they were working on. The end result was an impressive Elephant Detective and a creative and happy group of pupils!

"Hopefully, the pupils who took part in this activity enjoyed themselves and had a good experience of working together on a project which had a positive result! They gained team working skills and put their creativity into practice within a specific time limit. They may also think differently about materials which they may have thought of as rubbish, thanks to the artists' interesting talk and the hands on experience that they gained.

"I really enjoyed working on this event and encouraging the pupils with their ideas, turning them into reality. I learned how to help the group delegate roles so that the sculpture would be completed within the time limit and how to facilitate their problem-solving e.g when an idea didn't quite work or when an item was not available. This experience made me wish that I had more time to spend being creative with an environmental, upcycling focus!"

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