"I would say being part of this scheme and tutoring Year 7 and 8 students has been my greatest experience at City so far"

My greatest experience at City has been being part of the Widening Participation tutoring scheme whereby I was able to tutor children at local schools.

Aishwarya Singh, Widening Participation Tutor and Student Ambassador, Professional Mentee,  Graduate, BSc Banking and International Finance

Aishwarya Singh tells us about her greatest experience at City so far. She talks about how she became a Widening Participation Ambassador and how that led her to become a tutor. 

What has been your greatest experience at City so far?

My greatest experience at City so far has been being part of the Widening Participation tutoring scheme. This is a tutoring scheme which involves having the ambassadors from City, go to various schools to tutor children from Year 6 to Year 11. When I had applied for this scheme I was very nervous because this was something I had never done before and I was now representing my institution and the parents/children had very high hopes and expectations from me as their tutor. I was lucky enough to clear the interview stage and qualify as a tutor. When I went for my first tutoring session I was very nervous and I did not know how to start talking to my students. Slowly, I realized that I was here because my mentors at the university believed in me and thought I was a good candidate for this job. After starting the job, I gave in all my effort and it has been paying off because we often hear from the students that they are learning new things and their concepts are getting clearer. As a mentor, hearing that is the most amazing feeling and therefore I would say being part of this scheme and tutoring Year 7 and 8 students has been my greatest experience at City so far.

What is your dream job once you graduate?

My dream job after I graduate is to become a successful Investment Banker. After studying Banking and International Finance for two years, and attending various events and session to gain insight into Investment Banking, I think this is the field I would like to see myself in and my dream firm to work for is either Barclays, HSBC or Morgan Stanley.

What appeals to you most about this profession?

The main thing that excited me about being an Investment Banker is the thrill involved. The research and risk aspect of this profession is what excited me. Investment Bankers sometimes start their day at 5am and end at 2am. As a banking student, I’ve always enjoyed seeing how the mindset of various people varies as situations change in the financial markets. The consistent change to the economic outlook creates new challenges on a regular basis and that is what inclines me towards this particular profession.

What kind of qualities do you think you will need to succeed in this role?

After having spoken to many Investment Bankers, I think I came up with a list of three qualities every investment Banker must have to be able to succeed in this profession. They have to be hardworking, Committed and be a Strong Fighter. One needs to be committed to working the long hours and that also requires a lot of hard work especially if the market has suddenly changed. Similarly in this case one has to be strong headed and be able to deal with pressure that relates to the market because markets can be very volatile and change completely due to one sudden incident or news.

How has City helped you towards achieving this goal?

City has helped me in many different ways to achieve this goal. Through the various professional schemes City provides, such as professional mentoring and the snapshot scheme; they prepare the students to success or find out more about the fields they want to go into. Through the university I went to attend various insight days at many firms to get an insight into my future career or even help decide what I would like to do in my future. City University also has an amazing Careers team who help provide CV checks and train you for interviews so that you successfully land a placement or job. The team at our university is also very helpful and provides full support for someone who wants to do a placement year. They give us all the information and help they can provide us with to secure a place at our desired firm and in our field of study.

What are your hopes for a future career?

My main aim for the future is get a good graduate job after completing university. I would like to gain experience in the corporate world to begin with. After working for a year or two, I would also like to pursue my studies by doing a post-graduation and diversify myself so I am able to specialize in another field that relates to the business world. My long term goal at the moment is the same as any other young business students’, which is to become a leading professional/ Managing Director of a large corporate firm some day.

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