"It's the most flexible, most fun yet decently paid job you'll ever have!"

It has bolstered my CV but it has also helped me develop personally. I've had to improve my telephone skills, be part of a team, sometimes work independently and take responsibility for my work. I've really grown in confidence over the last few years through the different jobs I've taken on and realising all the different things I can actually do.  

Mark Mordak, Psychology, Year 3

Mark is a very enthusiastic Unitemp. He registered as soon as the service was launched and he recommends it to everyone.

"I have enjoyed so much about it. The people who work there are friendly and chatty and they make it really easy to get involved. I have enjoyed working with staff across the University too. I like the variety of work. I've worked on front desk, given campus tours, developed my administrative skills, supported the marketing team, done website testing - the list goes on. I've also made loads of friends who aren't on the same course as me."

What's been your favourite Unitemps assignment?

"I'd have to say working on graduations. I didn't work on the most recent ones and it almost made me sad! It's strange because you work a full week, usually four - five days of fairly long hours. But it's graduation, so everyone's in a good mood. Everybody is smiling. Except for the people who are running late... In all seriousness, I don't think I've ever had an assignment that I've not enjoyed." 

If you had to summarise one thing that would make you recommed it to others:

"I'm not sure I could summarise it just down to one thing. It's fun, it helps you develop and it's paid."

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