"It's a must for first years."

At first I was skeptical as to how useful the Employability Skills Programme could be, but after attending the first lecture, I had completely changed my mind. It was full of useful tips that could immediately be applied to every situation. I no longer had to guess whether something could be beneficial to my application or not. We were presented with all the necessary dos and don'ts.

Miroslav, BSc. Management

Miroslav attended the Employability Skills Programme in addition to compulsory lectures that were part of his course. At the beginning of the year, he was looking for ways to enhance his experience of university. He was enjoying the lectures that formed a major part of the course, but wanted a different perspective on how to be successful in applying for certain jobs.

“I had no previous experience in terms of the application process so I thought it would be really useful if there was a programme where they teach you how to manage your CV, how to build commercial awareness, how to be successful during interviews and so on. So I started searching and it turned out that there was indeed such a programme – that’s why I signed up.”

He felt that the main benefit was improved confidence, due to the knowledge he gained through the programme.

“Through interactive learning I gained a lot of useful information, which could easily be applied to my everyday life. I gained knowledge and soft skills that every employer is looking for.

“The Employability Skills Programme is a wonderful opportunity for everybody, who is looking for experience that can be applied to everyday situations. It's definitely a must for first year students regardless of the degree. It develops valuable skills through lectures and fun exercises. I very much enjoyed the events during the Autumn term and I am looking forward for the talks that will take place in the Spring term.”

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