"I've become much more articulate."

I sometimes find it hard to articulate exactly what I want to say. Through being a Marketing Ambassador and talking to all sorts of different people, I've become better at expressing my thoughts and ideas.

Charlotte Algar, Music, Year 2

Charlotte decided to become a Marketing Ambassador when her tutor told her about an opportunity to represent her course at the upcoming Open Day. She was pleased to find out that you get paid for it too. 

"I enjoyed talking to the students who are currently in Year 12 and thinking about what comes next. I remember being in the same position as them and it was really nice to be able to chat to them and their parents, telling them about how it is here, and when you find that you have something in common you end up talking about it in loads of detail. It's really sociable. You get to talk about your experience which helps young people to make a really important decision in their lives. I feel like I made the right one, I've had a really fun first year so it's just nice to share that with other people who are unsure.

"It gives you lots of practice talking to people and putting yourself out there. I'd definitely recommend it to other students, unless you're extremely shy!"

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