" A successful mentoring relationship can lead to previously thought of unachievable goals coming to reality"

 The process made me very happy and was humbling.

Anthony Barton, Professional Mentor


At the Professional Mentoring Awards ceremony where Anthony Barton, along with his mentee Nishan Pradhan, were one amongst many mentor/mentee pairs in attendance. Attendees of the event had participated in either the November or February waves of the scheme, and while many of the mentors held previous experience with the substantial task of taking on a mentee, Mr. Barton stood out from the crowd. 

An alumnus of City University and now recipient of the First Time Mentor Award, Anthony Barton spoke about his experience getting involved with the scheme. ‘My main focus was always my mentee, Nishan…as well as being able to deliver at least some of what he was looking for from the scheme.’ The process, he said, ‘made me very happy and was humbling.’

The nomination came from Pradhan, who praised his mentor’s efforts in ensuring his success. Pradhan described his experience as ‘extremely positive.’ 

The pair developed their relationship over meetings at a coffee house and a week-long work shadow experience. It was through this that Pradhan received a tangible understanding of Mr. Barton’s professional practice. He reflects on the success of their mentor-mentee relationship: ‘My mentor had a genuine interest in my aspirations and always responded in a timely manner. This was very useful whenever I had any uncertainties or questions which needed clarification.’ 

When asked what the best quality is of a potential mentee, Mr. Barton responded, ‘Someone who is attentive and disciplined. It is up to the mentee to shape and push the relationship forwards.’ As for any advice for students embarking on a professional career, he offered that students should ‘work hard, do [their] research, and be as open to new ideas as possible.’ Pradhan mirrored this sentiment. ‘‘Students applying to the program should be prepared to put in an effort with their professional mentoring relationships. A successful mentoring relationship can lead to previously thought of unachievable goals coming to reality.’ Congratulations to Mr. Barton for his achievements.

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