Volunteering with PC Pals

Since January 2013 I’ve been working on a project, 'PC Pals Volunteering' at St. Luke's Community Centre, which helps the elderly understand and enjoy IT. I’ve introduced clients to the concept of e-commerce and enabling them to use email and online search portals.

This scheme has improved my self confidence and I have certainly enjoyed the satisfaction of making a difference within the local community. 

Volunteering here has been a wonderful way to increase my life experience on various issues, it has been an amazing experience because I've worked for a cause which I was truly passionate about. 

Volunteering​ has definitely given me the chance to explore professional paths and gain various insights. It has opened up new opportunities and influences on my career, and I hope to continue using the skills I've learnt into my placement year at Informa as an eBusiness Support Analyst.

Ayesha Matak, Year 3, Business Computing Systems

Ayesha won the Most Dedicated Volunteer at the 2014 Student Impact Awards. John Garces, Business Engagement Manager at St. Luke’s Community Centre, said the following about her.

“Thanks to her passion and commitment in assisting people, some of our older service users have been able to communicate with their family & friends abroad using technology. Her contribution has helped us tackle social isolation amongst our elderly community - as well as assisting unemployed people in developing their IT skills to improve their chances in securing a job. We very much appreciate her involvement for almost two years and have greatly benefited from it.”

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