"Working as a WP tutor has been a real highlight of my time at City"

The regular contact and support from the WP team has been invaluable.

Victoria Walker, UG Speech and Language Therapy Student, Tutor, Graduating 2018/2019

So just as an introduction, I work as a WP tutor, my main role is tutoring year 6 maths, but I have done other jobs such as a GCSE maths weekend session for year 11's. I have been a tutor for a year now and I find it a very rewarding job to do in my spare time. 
My work with year 6's was my most rewarding job, being there for a year, I tutored 7 children on a weekly basis to give them extra support with their arithmetic SATs paper. Following the WP training session I attended before I started, I split the children into two groups which made it easier to work on a 1:1 basis with the children to help them with their learning. The training session was really useful and well organised, it covered a huge amount of information from school regulations e.g. safe guarding, to how to run a tutoring group. There has been a lot of support from the WP team, I have to send them a copy of my signed attendance form every week, but in these emails I can give them updates of any issues I may have. I had one issue with group behaviour last year and I emailed the team as well as the supervisor at school and they responded very quickly and were able to help me manage the group and deal with the challenging behaviour in the right way. The regular contact and support from the WP team has been invaluable. 
WP as a project is a great way to engage young people in their education and getting them to think about their future. The GCSE weekend I helped with, made it clear that a lot of young people don't know what to do once they finished their exams. By having the WP tutors there to help them learn but also to talk to about university really benefited some of the teenagers. I am not sure on the complete role of other WP jobs but for the tutors, especially those who teach GCSEs, having more opportunities to discuss with their group about options after year 11 during the academic  year , rather than in the GCSE weekend in May just before their exams, could be of more benefit to the year 11 students and help give them some idea of what to do in the future. 
Overall, working as WP tutor has been a real highlight of my time at City and I look forward to continuing as a tutor in the coming academic year.

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