Use of technology

A certain degree of familiarity with computer and communications equipment is taken for granted. With the prevalence of smartphones and the use of computers in our daily lives, it is understandable. A confident use of Microsoft Office is usually taken for granted. 

What employers want to see is how you have used technology to make things easier, and how you might replicate that for their company, demonstrating efficiency. If you are able to train others in how to make better use of technology, it indicates that you can enable others to achieve more. If you are able to harness social media to raise awareness and get people to act, that will be compelling to employers. For example, organising the planning and budgeting for a travel trip in Excel, designing a website or app, teaching young people how to code. 

Activities that enable you to demonstrate your ability to use technology are shown below.

How can I improve my use of technology?

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