What can CityCareers do for you?

Careers, Student Development and Outreach

You might have seen that City has a Careers Service called Careers, Student Development & Outreach, but what do we actually do? And how can we help you?

Aren’t you just there to help me get a job before I graduate?

Sort of. Whilst we really want to help you find a good job when you graduate, the reality is that we won’t always be around to help, so the most useful thing that we can do is to teach you how to manage your own career. 

We’d like to help you think through all of the things that are important to you – questions like what you enjoy doing, what you’re good at, where you’d like to be in the future... It’s best to start that thought process early on in your study at City so that you can make the most of the opportunities that are available to you. 

The best way to begin that thought process is to have a one-to-one conversation with a Careers Consultant. 

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That’s great, but I need help with applications – I’ve never really done one before…

When you are in a position to start applying for jobs or placements, the Careers Consultants can help you by checking through your CV or application form with you. They will help refine it, improving your chances and afterwards they provide helpful feedback which you will have in mind for future applications.

If your applications are successful, they can also help you prepare for the interview process by running mock interviews and assessment tests. These are invaluable as they provide you with crucial experience in a realistic, but supportive environment. Again, you will be provided with constructive feedback on your performance which helps you improve your experience each time. 

Good to know. How can I keep up to date with the industry I’m interested in?

We run events and workshops throughout the year which are attended by graduate recruiters who are really keen to meet with bright students who are looking for opportunities. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet employers face to face, learn more about their industry and what they are looking for. 

We also run a number of workshops where you can learn key employability skills like how to tailor your job applications or how to tackle presentations at assessment centres. These can give you extra insight into the application process which is a valuable investment of your time early on during your time at university.

OK – thing is I’m strapped for cash. I need a job right now. 

Through Unitemps, our in-house temping agency, you can search through temporary and part-time vacancies and apply online. New opportunities are added every day, and the assignments are very flexible to help you fit them around your studies.
We also have hundreds of placements and graduate vacancies online.

What do all the activities on here have to do with my Career?

Experience City is about your personal and professional development. Whilst you are studying and working towards getting excellent grades, that’s not all that employers are looking for. They want to know more about you and why you’re the right person to hire for their company. Increasingly, you need to be able to demonstrate to them that you already have the skills they’re looking for, that you want to work for them specifically and that you are a driven, self-motivated person who is ready to use the job opportunity as a platform to do great things.

The best way to demonstrate that to employers is to be able to tell a story of the things that you’ve done that have helped you develop the skills they require. Experience City helps you to find activities that can help you develop personally and professionally, CityCareers helps you to tell the story.


Careers, Student Development and Outreach

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